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For many of us, the bedroom is probably the most neglected room in our home as far as interior design, or even importance as far as décor and furniture style is concerned. We may drool lovingly at magazine photoshoots of stunning bedrooms and stylish furniture ideas, but unwittingly, we turn our efforts to the more often used areas of the home, that being the living area and social part of the home. With many Bed manufacturers jumping on the fashion ideas of the rich and famous and the ever popular period TV Drama, we now have an overwhelming and affordable plethora of bed designs, many that grace the showroom floors and offer photographic invitations into sumptuous bedroom ideas and many differing styles. BedSAVA has given the customer the opportunity to view the assortment of design ideas for beds, cheap beds, with a huge selection in mattresses to accompany your new bed, capturing your imagination and your own personal tastes, enabling you to see all that are now available, guaranteeing that ‘boudoir’ finish or quiet understated minimal look, any Bedroom style, any bed frame and your choice of mattress.

Divan Beds, Single Beds, Double Beds or King Size Beds

With BedSAVA you can enjoy an online search that gives you the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for in your new Bed or mattress, covering many traditional styles whilst also offering the more modern look for those who favour a newer and more contemporary style. One of the many Cheap Beds on offer could encompass a more modern approach, with a contemporary style METAL BED FRAME, usually being offered in Chrome or black finish and in some cases, a more pastel tone for, perhaps, a single bed for a child’s room. The timeless style of the Victorians with the popular wrought iron bed frame, some with ornate finials, lovingly reproduced from the original beds and photographic, historical information, this indeed may be your choice, as a finishing touch for your entrance into that antique style chic. With taste and modern design in mind, you also have an amazing selection of Faux Leather and Real Leather Bed Frames, a seriously indulgent extravaganza into beds and the many fabrics that are used to enhance their appeal, could include crushed velvet headboards suitable for all divan beds, Single Beds, Double Beds or King size Beds. BedSAVA is also regarded as one of the top online destinations for low-cost beds, cheap beds that are high in quality and comfort. BedSAVA have ensured that all the choices available in both traditional and contemporary Bedroom Furniture are available for you to view, with many sizes and accessories linked to the Bed of your choice.

Irrespective of the ideas you may have had when first deciding on your Bedroom makeover, BedSAVA offers you a simple and affordable foray into many Bed styles that until viewed, you may not even have thought about. We all have in our head the design ideas, but, with the choices that  BedSAVA have available on-line, you have the opportunity of viewing and gathering information to check that the Bed and mattress of your choice is going to suit your home and lifestyle, after all, with the exuberance that can come from the younger members of the family or even sharing of the bed with the four legged members, perhaps your dream of owning a King size Water Bed is not such a great idea. BedSAVA have gathered an extensive collection of styles and choices of Beds and mattress’s, from Metal Frames, Faux Leather, Genuine Leather and Wood all of which have many designs from traditional, to contemporary, a complete selection that will enable you to enjoy the elegance and style of your Bedroom for years to come.

TV Beds, at the touch of a button

With the enormous array of cheap bed styles available now, you would be completely forgiven if you were to look blankly, at a good intentioned recommendation from a friend, encouraging you to look at the new style ‘Futon’ bed they had just bought for little billy’s bedroom. Once you have discovered the bed style, your thoughts could very easily have gone with the idea of a beautiful metal Day Bed, or perhaps as the bed is for any overnight visitors, and little billy is only 8, a solid wood Bunk Bed set may have been a better choice. With room size being a premium for some homes, space and storage is paramount, this is where the Divan Bed and its under storage drawers comes into its own. Many Divan Beds have an accompanying mattress and a choice, if any of how many drawers in the main bed frame. A single Divan Bed in a child’s room for example, can become a saviour for a busy family, the underbed storage enables more floor space and less mess or a handy space for easily accessible clothing, whatever the drawers are used for they definitely offer a handy storage option.

With the large choice of TV Dramas readily available to watch, there has been an enormous surge in popularity in traditional and historical bed styles. With the beautiful setting of the Caribbean, its swaying palm trees and soft white sands, the echoes of times past and an enduring elegance that is automatically brought to life with every Bond film, the simple seduction offered in the elegant style of the Sleigh Bed conjures a mastery of opulence, without overwhelming the bedroom. From traditional wood, to faux fabrics, brushed velvet coverings and a hint of luxury that offers a glimpse into a world of glamour, the traditional style of the Sleigh Bed is a beautiful centre piece for any bedroom.

With so much technology available today and the advances in design with bedroom furniture, the bed manufacturers have left no stone unturned in their endeavours to please. For most, the beckoning call of bedtime, conjures up soft thoughts of sleep and comfort, snuggling down and drifting into a world of peace after a long day. For some climbing into bed, pillows pumped, and ready to relax, usually includes flicking the TV on and watching your favourite film or even your recent recordings, this is where the TV Bed performs for your entertainment only. TV Beds, at the touch of a button, enable you to watch and enjoy the programme of your choice without even getting out of bed, the screen concealed carefully, within the footboard or base of the bed. With some TV Beds the speakers are also hidden within the bed frame, this is without doubt, the choice of bed for the TV fan and in most cases, network practicalities are met.

A good mattress of quality is a health must

For some, whether through injury, age or just because of comfort, Adjustable Beds offer an option where the positioning of the bed, from the head end to the foot end, can be manipulated through a control panel without ever stepping foot out of the bed. This choice of bed often is suitable for those who require a pressure release through back pain or leg pain, offering relief where a standard bed is unable to move. The advantage of an Adjustable Bed means that the ability to raise the head end into a more elevated position, you are able, to relax whilst reading, watching television in bed or just enjoying your favourite bedtime drink.

The unexpected guest or the reluctant leaver, either way most have had the ‘sofa situation’, you reach for the spare bedding, try and make them as comfortable as possible and pray they don’t find anything the children may have pushed down the sides of the sofa. There are so many options and price choices with todays Sofa Beds, your unexpected visitor worries are over, no bulky furniture addition or heavy costs, the selections available today are a far cry from the past. The design choices on the Sofa Bed offer a large selection as does the size, this can include the metal framed Day Bed which opens up to a Double Bed when the base is pulled from below, of course if a traditional style is more in keeping for your needs, the variety of fabrics, styles and designs are all a click away.

As with any choice of Bed, comfort comes as an essential requirement for us all, no straw bedding, lumpy mattresses or the painful pressure of metal springs protruding through your worn and tired mattress. A good nights-sleep is an essential health requirement for us all, the choice of Mattress is a very personal thing, and everyone has a different requirement to enable them the quality sleep that’s needed. When choosing your mattress, ensure you read all the information available, don’t be worried about asking for assistance before you buy, a good mattress of quality is a health must. With the wide variety available from the Pocket Sprung Mattress to the traditionally sprung mattress, memory foam and hybrid mattresses, the importance of comfort and good quality is an essential addition to your bed. The medical evidence collated over many years proving, without a doubt, the importance of a good nights-sleep, this can only be achieved with a good quality mattress and one that is suited to your requirements. That includes a suitable mattress for a child’s bed, their sleep is equally important, as with all sleep patterns one of quality, allows you to be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to start the day.

The vast availability of Bed Frames, with their different styles and designs, the enormous range of high quality mattresses that are now available and the incorporation of specific requirements like the Adjustable Beds and TV Beds, leave no doubt that what ever your choices or design ideas, there is something for everyone and we at BedSAVA have insured your search for that perfect Bed or Mattress is only a click away.